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Write For UFO Report

UFO Report is always on the lookout for volunteer journalists, no prior experience is needed, any contributor with a passion for writing will be welcomed to write for our publication.

If you have a passion for ufology or if you’d like to write articles for us on a regular basis please email: for more information.

Please note that we do not publish PR CONTENT, CONTENT MARKETING, DOFOLLOW LINKS, PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL or ADVERTORIALS. Please don’t waste your time or ours by requesting to submit such content.


● Write at least 300 words in natural English language

● Do NOT copy text from other websites or blogs

● Images less than 300×200 pixel will be automatically removed

● Images that can’t be hot-linked and will be automatically removed

● You can include a video as long as it’s relevant to the topic and the primary purpose is not to generate profit

● Email any submission in .docx format or directly into the email content, to

Our editors will review your article after submission.

Please note we cannot guarantee that your article will be published.

Full author remarks (e.g. link to Facebook/Twitter or website) are added below articles only if your send in your full name, brief description of who you are (bio) along with a photograph of yourself.

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