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This photograph is probably one of the most remarkable UFO photos ever captured on camera. Taken by a twenty-one-year-old Leonard Lamoureux and his brother Wilfred on a cold winters evening in Vancouver.

Leonard and his brother Wilfred had decided to take a trip to City Hall to take pictures of the Christmas lights when they spotted a UFO and stopped to take pictures.

Young Leonard was on leave from the army and the last thing he expected to see on his outing to City Hall was a UFO. While enjoying the Christmas light display they were suddenly shocked to see a ‘bright blue light’ drop straight down from the sky.

After looking closely at the object in the sky, Leonard stated that the object or objects appeared to be ‘two saucers’ with the open ends facing each other and glowing ‘bright blue’.  They watched as the saucer shaped craft moved horizontally across the sky. Just as the object passed the flagpole on City Hall, it suddenly came to a complete and sudden stop. It was then, Leonard decided to click the shutter on his camera and capture the famous picture now dubbed ‘The Vancouver UFO’.

Without warning the object, just as suddenly as it had come to a stop, abruptly shot upwards and disappeared. Leonard and his brother stated that ‘they had never seen anything fly so fast!’. This was a rather scary scene, Leonard had been in the armed forces and knew that this was unlike any craft he had ever set eyes upon.

Years on, Leonards daughter Debra DeCamillis, who still lived in the Vancouver area, retells the story that her father once told her. She remarks how vivid and excited her father used to get every time he was able to tell people about the strange scenes he witnessed in the Vancouver skies that night.

Sadly Debra’s father, Leonard, passed away in 1992 and his brother Wilfred had passed away much earlies in 1955, so we only have Debra’s second-hand account to go off when examining this case.

One of the most remarkable things about this photo was the year it was taken which was 1937, back then the UFO industry was nowhere near as popular, talked about or discussed as it is today. This is probably one of the earliest UFO’s recorded on camera.

Debra provided the following details, she said: “The camera was on a tri-pod of sorts because Dad was trying to take sequential shots of the courthouse to capture all the lights. But he was not using a timed exposure, his camera was not sophisticated enough. He did say that he could actually see the bubble or tail as he called it that the object was encapsulated in.

Sceptics of the case claim that the UFO in the photo is nothing but a watermark defect that developed during the development of the prints. Sadly, this has been impossible to verify as misfortune has it, the original films have now been lost.

Sceptics opinion does however, have a total disregard for the fact that there are two witness accounts to this craft, it did not simply appear on the developed film, rather the two witnesses actually viewed the craft and then photographed it.

Debra also claims that she knows the UFO is not the result of a development defect saying: “I know for fact there was no bubbles on the film, or watermarks because I was fascinated by negatives as a child and saw that negative many, many times. On the rest of the pictures there was nothing but pictures of lights, so I know it had no bubbles or watermarks on it.”

If Leonard and his brother are to be believed, they certainly witnessed and captured something extraordinary that day.


Ricky Goncalves is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, exopolitics, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.

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