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UFO Sighting Over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 8th August 2008

Possible UFO photo taken

Report Summary:

On this night I was out with a friend after work and we were exploring night photography with our new SLR cameras we had gotten which were Nikon D90’s.(We aren’t pro photographers). We chose the area of the Philadelphia Art Museum because of the lighting and various things to photograph.

On that night, nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for the unusual formation of the clouds which I had never really seen before, and the fact the moon had seemed a bit brighter than usual.

Toward the end of our time at the location, which seemed to be around 2 hours, we were in the rear of the art museum, when I took the photograph and captured this strange object on the photo. I did not witness the object in the sky at the time of taking the photo, it was only when reviewing the photo back I noticed the object on the image.

I was just taking pictures of the sky because it looked picturesque and that’s when I took the picture of what I believe is a UFO. The object seems to have a glow to it and it just happens to be in the shape of a typical flying saucer.

The object appears in multiple shots and seems to move to the left and shoot up vertically into the sky. I’m unaware of any terrestrial aircraft that can manoeuvre is such a way.

The separate picture of the object (possibly a mother ship) above the town, was taken separately in front of the art museum at around 10 p.m. This object appears to be different in shape and size to the object I captured in the other photographs.



Q Date & Time of Sighting

8th August 2008 at approximately 23:56

Separate sighting on the same day, earlier on in the evening photograph 2 taken at the front of the museum at around 22:00.

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Object Features

Object appeared to be disc shaped

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Almost certainly a lens flare.
You claim that you didn’t see the objects at the time of taking the photos?
If you didn’t see them until afterwards then that almost debunks this right away for me.