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UFO Sighting Over Barrie, Ontario on 5th July 2019

Orange, pulsating orb.

Report Summary:

My daughters girlfriend was sitting outside around 11:30 p.m. on Friday night. She noticed an orange, pulsating orb moving from the SE to S direction.

It was above the treetops. She watched it for approximately two and a half minutes. Then it disappeared.

She did video tape it on her phone. The next day she sent it to me. When you blow the video up the object appears to have structure and it pulsates. It is orange in colour.

My daughters friend said it was noiseless. I have attached the video.

It clearly does not look like something you would expect to see in the sky.



Q Date & Time of Sighting

5th July 2019 at approximately 23:30

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Duration of Sighting

Approximately two and a half minutes

Q Flight Path

Straight Line

Q Object Features

Object appeared to be disc shaped

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