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UFO Sighting Over Arroyo Grande, California on 3rd February 2019

Unknown aircraft captured on camera

Report Summary:

So to start the incident I’ll start with a little bit of a background on myself.

I’m a Law enforcement officer in the state of California for the last 7 years. I’m a lover of science, astronomy, archaeology and history. I’ve taken courses in coding and astronomy and have an ever growing interest in the developing the world. I have witnessed everything from fireballs to your average shooting star and I got into astrophotography for a little bit.

So in the area I work, there is multiple military bases army, and Air Force. There are also launches too space conducted locally for Government and private companies. SpaceX NASA etc. also in my line of work I have been involved in various training and special teams.

The location of my work is adjoined with a military base as well, so I have seen countless aircraft. But on February 3rd 2019 at exactly 22:11 hours I saw something that I definitely couldn’t explain. Other than it maybe being some type of experimental aircraft.

I was driving south bound when I noticed a solid bright white light which to me at first just looked like a spotlight from a helicopter but after a moment I noticed it wasn’t moving and then I noticed there was a second light and from what I could see they definitely weren’t commercial or any military craft I’ve seen.

I quickly got my iPhone out and snapped a photo which to my surprise captured both objects but they appeared to be a green colour on the phone camera (possibly due to my wind-shield) you can see some reflected light from the dash on the upper right corner, but you can clearly see two smaller objects that are outside of the vehicle in the sky just below the reflected dash lights.

Well between glancing at the sky and the road after the photos were taken the objects were gone. I’m not sure what this was but I’d appreciate any opinions and feedback on this sighting.



Q Date & Time of Sighting

3rd February 2019 at approximately 22:11

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Distance of Object

Approximately 501 Feet - 1 Mile

Q Altitude of Object

Approximately Over 500 Feet - No Cloudcover

Q Duration of Sighting

Approximately 10 minutes

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Lens flare or light reflection.
Look at the car lights and how they are glaring so bright in the photo.
I just think this is a reflection of the light noise which is evident in the photos.
Nothing to see here.