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UFO Sighting Over Adelaide, South Australia on 18th April 2018

Orb Darts Off In The Sky

Report Summary:

I did not actually visually see these objects at the time of shooting this video footage. I didn’t discover the objects until I reviewed the footage later that night.

Note that the objects are attracted to the location of sky regardless of where I turn.

There is evidence of the object casting shadow on the cloud.

My son and I had witnessed the same type of object passing overhead and flying underneath a Virgin 737 Airbus passenger plane at a low altitude, as it was leaving Adelaide 13 years ago. Coincidentally that is all in the same suburb and location as this.

The object back then zig-zagged underneath the 737 Airbus just like in the video footage above the shopping centre roof. Then the object took off from underneath the aircraft at a mind-bending speed.

Footage is real, and I’ve had to record it from my computer screen for clarity and to easily point out the objects, so people could easily spot them and make them out.

What the objects are, I don’t know? Nothing I know of can move that fast just like the one we witnessed 13 years ago.



Q Date & Time of Sighting

18th April 2018 at approximately 10:52

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Duration of Sighting

Approximately five minutes

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This is one of the few that is actually interesting.
I don’t have a logical explanation, the sudden movement speeds, the way it changes direction and zooms off at great speed.
This one is an interesting case.