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UFO Sighting in Walla Walla, Washington on 10th June 2019

Observed four different white starlike objects.

Report Summary:

I took this video with my Luna Optics LN-DB60-HD night vision binoculars. They provide 5x optical magnification. (Ignor the Date time stamp. I had just changed the batteries and the date/time is not accurate.) This occurred at 22:04 last evening 6/11/2019. 

I was sky watching from my back deck, with a clear view of the northern sky. I had FlightRadar24 up on my iPad and could see that there were no planes shown in my vicinity. I had also just checked GoSatWatch and determined that there were no visually observable satellites in view. I was expecting to see nothing, based on these references, and was just sitting waiting for something to move into view. 

I looked straight up and saw a bright flash, many times brighter than the brightest stars. Other than the flash I could see no moving object in the sky field. There was then another flash slightly further north. I picked up my NV binoculars and scanned the sky but detected nothing. There were additional flashes as the object moved further north. Finally, when it got in the vicinity of Polaris, which I could fix on, the flashing object came into view. In the binoculars, I could clearly see the bright flashes but I could also see the object when it wasn’t flashing. (The flashes were irregular, some about three seconds apart some about six seconds. This is not the standard flash rate for anti-collision strobe lights on a airplane. They are more like 1-1.5 seconds.) The object veered around to an easterly course, not abruptly but in a wide turn. 

I got the recorder going on my binoculars and recorded about a minute of video as it moved off to the ENE. At that point I saw a second object moving across the screen. (at 1:23 into the video, 23:39:56 by the incorrect time stamp on the video.) This new object was steady, not flashing, and about as bright as some of the dim stars in the video.) I initially thought it had come from the flashing object I had be tracking, but after review of the video, I can see that it enters the field-of-view from the top and crosses near the flashing object but did not originate from it. I decided to track the new object to see what it did and the flashing object, Object#1, went out of the view. Object#2 was moving from the east to the northeast. After about twenty seconds a third object comes into view. (1:52 into the video, 23:40:22 on the incorrect time stamp.) Object#3 is brighter than Object#2 and of steady brightness. It is moving in opposite direction to Object#2, back towards the east. I stopped tracking Object #2 and started tracking Object#3. A few seconds later a forth object crosses the field-of-view. It comes in from the lower right side of the frame and crosses to the left. Object#4 is about as bright as Object#3 and steady. At this point I continued tracking Object#3 as it flew from the northern sky crossing east of me and went out of view behind my house to the southeast. 

I frequently watch the sky. I have seen innumerable planes and satellites crossing the sky both with the naked eye and tracked with my binoculars. Object#1, with its extremely bright flashes and very irregular intervals, was unlike any aircraft or satellite I have ever seen. 

I scan the sky a lot with my binoculars. It is possible that they might pick up a satellite crossing the sky that is not visible to the naked eye. (Note: GoSatWatch was showing no satellites as viewable at that time.) However, to my recollection, I have never seen a moving object come into view as I am just viewing a fixed star or moving plane. To have three of them cross into view during this short three minute time frame, seems like an incredible coincidence. 




Q Date & Time of Sighting

10th June 2019 at aprox 22:04

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Distance of Object

Over one mile

Q Altitude of Object

Over 500 Feet - No Cloudcover

Q Duration of Sighting

Aprox 4 minutes

Q Flight Path of Object

Straight Line Path, Path With Directional Change

Q Features of Object

Object appeared to be starlike