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UFO Sighting in South Berwick, Maine on 5th February 2019

I spotted a flying object with three lights, the middle light blinking, hovering above the horizon, then it flew right over my car

Report Summary:

See my video! I was driving home, noticed a craft with three white lights, the middle light blinking, hovering over a field approx 200-400 ft above the ground.

It hovered there for a minute before I got my phone camera on it. It began to fly towards me. At this point you can hear the sound of a car that passed by where I was parked.

Then you can hear the sound of the craft as it flew towards me and directly over me. The footage gets a bit scrambled as I tried to keep the craft in my phone camera frame, but I turned the car around and was able to follow it, flying very low, straight down York Woods Road for a bout a mile until it veered off and headed off in a NW direction.




Q Date & Time of Sighting

5th February 2019 at aprox 19:54

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Distance of Object

101-500 Feet

Q Altitude of Object

500 Feet Or Less

Q Flight Path