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UFO Sighting in Oakland, California on 12th March 2019

UFO in Oakland, CA

Report Summary:

Pretty typical day… came home from work and started getting ready for dinner, when I heard the distinct sound of a electrical transformer exploding (I am a licensed electrician), then came a 10 second neighborhood blackout.

Power was restored about 1 minute later when I noticed something in the air while BBQing in the backyard, first I noticed the helicopter, then I noticed something else entirely.

Look and listen to my kids and mom. This is not scripted. 

Me: “What is that?” 
Son: “..what is that?” 
Daughter: “..Daddy this is… this is Daddy’s phone… (inaudible)” 
Son: “Is it a…” 
Mother: “No it’s not, no it’s not..” (in Korean) 
Me: “What is that?” 
Son: “I think it’s a car…” 
Daughter: “Here daddy your phone!” 




Q Date & Time of Sighting

12th March 2019 at aprox 19:00

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Distance of Object

Over 1 Mile

Q Altitude of Object

Over 500 Feet - Under Cloudcover

Q Duration of Sighting

Aprox 20 seconds

Q Object Features

Appeared to be oval shaped