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UFO Sighting above Mesa, Colorado on 10th August 2010

UFO pic in Colorado

Report Summary:

Prior to deploying to Afghanistan In 2010, I took a vacation with my Mom in the area of meas and/or Silverton, CO.

This was kinda pre-camera phone craze so I had an actual camera with me. I took random photos and I remember we were going through some pass through the mountains, I don’t remember the exact name… but hearing some sort of very low buzz. It wasn’t because of the altitude (been in plenty high altitude scenarios previously).

Didn’t think much of it, I just enjoyed the scenery. After taking photos, Mom and I were comparing and saw the one I’m providing.

Neither of us or step dad who was guiding us saw it heard it. But clear as day, some round shiny object showed up in the pic.

Only reason I’m posting almost 10 years later is that I asked around to some air force guys I knew in the area and they have reported some sort of closer encounter/sighting in their off time also.

Probably a decade late but want to know if it’s legit an unknown.

Photo is unedited except being posted on Facebook once and downloaded once after to share on here.



Q Date & Time of Sighting

10th August 2010 at approximately 15:00

Q MUFON Case Number


Q Object Features

Silver metallic in colour and disc shaped

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