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A single mother is reporting strange happenings in her home. She claims to have captured videos of ‘beings’ in her home and be experiencing lost time and strange marks on her body

A young, single mother has taken to Reddit in desperation, asking users of the UFO community for help and advice, claiming she has captured video footage of beings in her home and has experienced a number of strange things that have been happening in her life.

The newly created Reddit account is called /nobody120618 and the lady behind it started posting in UFO and Alien related subreddits around a week ago.

At first, she asked for help and advice relating to a strange mark that she found on her body.

Am I being visited? from alien

The single Mum claimed that she was experiencing strange going ons, seeing things out of the corner of her eyes and had some episodes of lost time. 

One day, as she was getting ready for work, she noticed a strange scratch on her back, she had no idea what this was and took to twitter to ask for help, advice and support as she felt ‘something wasn’t right’.

the strange mark on her back

Over the next few days things would get scarier and much worse for this single Mum.

She then claims, that due to posting the picture of her mark on social media, users started to advise her to record anything and everything she could, so that her experiences were documented.

The Mum then claims that on the night of August 14th 2018, she was awoken by a noise and felt that someone was in her home, camera in hand she proceeded to creep downstairs; to her horror she captured a being running past and out of the house.

the being she captured on camera in her home

Fearing that she had an intruder, she called the police for help. The mother then claims, that the police checked the house but found nothing so advised her to lock her doors and call again if there were any further issues.

She claims that she did show the video footage to the police but after their search and finding nothing, there was little else that they could do.

Fearing for her own safety and her child’s she took to Reddit and Twitter and shared the video footage with users on the internet.

To her complete horror, just two days later, while she was filming her daughter dancing and reviewing the video footage, she saw a creepy alien-like face in the background peering into her home.

Again she took to social media to share this with others.

My on going horror from aliens

Some people are having difficulty seeing the alien ‘figure’ or ‘creature’ so we’ve put together a high contrast video where you can see this ‘being’ more clearly.

Here is that video:

And that’s where this tale is up to at the moment.

A lot of users are really sceptical about this case. There are several red flags, the lady telling this story is hiding behind a newly created Reddit and Twitter account.

This would be find should someone be protective over their identity but it would appear that’s not the case as the user has no issue with sharing videos of her daughter.

There’s also the question of missing time, if she’s a single parent and can’t account for several hours worth of time, surely that is a direct threat and danger to her daughter.

UFO Report has reached out to the mother and invited her for an interview where she could put her case across and answer the most commonly asked questions by people on social media, she has yet to reply or accept our invitation.

UPDATE: Mum is now saying that from 16/08/18 herself and her daughter have been staying at a hotel as they are too scared to stay at home.

On 18/08/18 she posted another video to Twitter stating that she sat down with her daughter and asked her had she seen anything strange in their house lately; her daughter replies “yeah, I don’t like them looking at me like that.”

Here is that video:

Ultimately, it’s for you to decide whether or not this is a real case of visitation or not.

Personally, I have a bad feeling about this and fear it may be a hoax. It reminds me on the Stan Romanek case, that turned out to be a big sham and I feel this may end up in the same category.

I could be wrong though, who am I to judge someone right? I suppose time will only tell how this tale ends and whether it was a hoax or a legitimate case of contact.

UPDATE: So it turns out that this actually was a fake and the person behind it confirmed it on Twitter:

I’m in two minds on how I feel about this, it was very fun to watch unfold but passing this off as a real event so far in was dangerous, they actually went on to say that the Mum and Daughter had been abducted and posted a very convincing video, had this received more attention it could have clogged up the emergency services and resulted in real people in real danger not getting the help they need in time.

There’s also the fact it could have harmed people who have mental health issues and took this very seriously, I think if they had just made it clear it was a Twitter based horror story from the start, people still would have been interested and it would have ruled out the possibilities of anyone being in danger due to this story.


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