How little do we st...

How little do we still know?  


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01/07/2019 3:33 am  

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing"
- Socrates

I was recently watching The Planets on the BBC and so many times throughout the documentary, the host would repeat that 'scientists once thought or 'scientists were shocked to find..." and it really got me to thinking, how many theories have scientists been wrong on in the past, there's a lot.

Scientists have had theories or thoughts on a lot of different topics that they have later been wrong about. In this specific documentary he was talking about scientists earlier theories on how Mercury has ended up being the hostile planet it is today, it talked about how it was once potentially a thriving planet and how scientists thought that it had impacted with an early Venus causing it to be sent flying from it's place in space closer to the sun. Even knowing this, today, scientists are left confused and corrected on their initial thoughts as a collision of that scale would cause a lot of issues for them, such as why the planet did not just die as opposed to just losing its crust.

This is just one example of many things where Scientists initial thoughts, theories and analysis on a topic have proven to be wrong and really made me think how many theories or even facts we may believe today that could be potentially wrong.

Let's take evolution theory as an example, I don't dispute for a second that evolution as a whole is wrong as there's so much evidence for it, however, what if it differs majorly or even slightly from what our initial thoughts are on what it is and how it works?

It just amazes me because like that quote from Scorates, I think that may be more true than we can ever know. We think we know so much, we think we're so much more advanced than our ancient ancestors but what are future generations going to look back on us and say in thousands of years time? May it be that they look back on us and say, how little did they know?

I bet every civilization have thought they were innovative and more advanced than their ancestors but we don't really look back on those times and think the same.

Yes, we've come so far and yes these times we live in are amazing but is it possible we know far less than we think we do?

Wisdom is knowing how little we truly know.

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01/07/2019 10:58 pm  

I agree with this.
I think that's where the danger comes in.
Especially with the unknown, the more we don't know the more we start to speculate and let our imaginations run wile with ourselves.
The whole ufology subject is filled with people who want to believe so badly they think the slightest spec of light in the sky is a ufo.
We need to have self restraint and always be sceptical and let science point us in the right direction. 
People dismiss logic and sensible thinking all too quickly.