Graphene Batteries  


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10/07/2019 12:55 am  

How do you think graphene batteries are going to change our world?

It's a battery that has been developed by Samsung and can reportedly charge a battery to full power in seconds / minutes depending on the size of the battery.

The above video gives some more back information on the tech.

It's claimed that after just 20 minutes of charge it can charge a car battery to full and is able to power it for over 430 miles.

To me, this technology is revolutionary. 

Imagine the possibilities, they're endless, tech that we use everyday will be revolutionised.

This combined with 5g technology & more is going to literally change the world in the next decade, by 2020 I think the world will look incredibly different to the way it does now in terms of technology and advancement.

What an interesting time to be alive!

Wisdom is knowing how little we truly know.