Obelisk on Mars  


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28/06/2019 1:13 am  

I'm sure many of you will have seen this photo before

What do you guys think it is?
Do you think it's evidence of alien life?
Were there once intelligent beings on Mars?

The BBC have said that it is likely just a shard from a meteor impact.

What are your thoughts?

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28/06/2019 2:53 am  

It's funny because I was just reading this article today saying that Scientists believe life may have been on Mars long before it was on Earth.

The only issue I have with this is we have rovers on Mars, now NASA may be doing some huge cover up BUT surely if there had been an advanced, intelligent civilization, we'd see evidence pretty much every corner we looked at.

It would be hard to photoshop that kind of evidence out. Imagine if life was wiped out on Earth and a rover was sent long after humans had gone, you'd still see cars, buildings, houses. Sure they may be consumed by nature but you'd still be able to see some resemblance of what was there.

We see literally nothing. Some rocks with strange patterns or faces, it doesn't prove anything really.

There could be survivors potentially living under ground, who knows, I just feel like there'd be more on the surface to show us that there was once life there.

I'm not an expert on this though so my opinion can be changed, I'm more fascinated with what's going on in our skies on Earth. Maybe someone can point me to some evidence that will change my mind about advanced, intelligent life on Mars?

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