Do dreams come true...

Do dreams come true?  


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25/06/2019 11:04 pm  

Many believe that dreams are premonitions and they avoid certain events, if they had a bad dream about them. Do you think dreams  have this power to help us see in the future? Are they just a result of our subconscious playing tricks on us? 😀

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27/06/2019 6:32 pm  

I'm not sure in the sense of having a premonition but if I ever have a bad dream, say something happens to a loved one of mine in a bad dream, when I wake up I'll still go check on that person just to make sure. 🤣 

I know it sounds silly but I can't help it, so my mind isn't totally closed off to people having promonitions in dreams that end up playing out in reality.

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27/06/2019 9:52 pm  

@SoHappy, I'm exactly the same in that respect, if I have a nightmare about a family member I'll call them up to check that they are OK.

I've heard strange stories about people having psychic abilities and premonitions in their dreams. My Mum claims she's had them, there was a plane crash once and she said she dreamed it, however, my Mum is known for meddling with the truth and embellishing things so I'm sceptical.

I'm not closed minded about anything BUT honestly, if you can have a premonition about something, what does that say about ourselves and our futures. Do we really have control of anything or is everything predestined? If our book is already written for us, that's a very scary thought...

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