23/06/2019 - New Fo...

23/06/2019 - New Forum Software  


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23/06/2019 12:33 am  

Hi all,

I know we recently changed the forum a couple of days ago but there was some confusin over the login and registration, the forum software we were using didn't really integrate with our blogging software very well.

As such, going forward, we have decided to use a new forum that fits better with our website software. 

We actually owe @Ash a huge thank you for this as if it wasn't for him and his website, we never would have come across this software.

Anyway, registration and login should now be seamless across the site and the forum software is different and may take some getting used to but it's just as simple as Vanilla forums!

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25/06/2019 5:30 pm  

Great to know that, glad you found Ash and got his recommendation. Hope to see the bugs and issues get sorted out in the forum one at a time. I get the feeling of Flarum software.

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