21/06/2019 - New Fo...

21/06/2019 - New Forum Changes  


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22/06/2019 7:50 pm  

Hi all,

I have made some upgrades to the forum softwate (still not complete, a work in progress)

The following changes have been implemented:

1) A new and more modern theme for our forums, which help to keep the forum homepage as tidy and easy on the eye as possible. End user experience is always such a high priority to us

2) I've now made a change where you will only need one login across the website, for blog posts you CAN login via a seperater account usig social media but you can also now login with your forum and main username to. While we want everyone to have one unified account across our plattform, we have no intention (at this time) of removing social logins from our blog seccton of the website.

Anyway questions just ask!

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22/06/2019 10:58 pm  

Great move and nice website/forums. You don't really see much Vanilla software being used but I have seen some major sites use them though. I really like the appealing and simple look of the how the discussions are displayed. Good job on the work 😀