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Suspected Flares - UFO Mass Sighting in India  


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01/07/2019 11:10 pm  

So this is being spread around social media and Reddit. 

I've seen it pop up so many times and so many channels are trying to peddle this off as a genuine mass UFO sighting when it's not.

Many hoax promoters (such as youtube channel Thirdphaseofmoon) shared the same video as a #UFO sighting over #Chardigarh #India taken on April 6, 2019. Those lights are military flares by an Indian Air Force plane during an International Air Show.

I'd put this down as being a confirmed flares sighting BUT I can't actually find a source outside of social media (official news link) to confirm there was the air show, though people on social media are reporting the air show was a few miles away and the government have confirmed these are flares.

Until I can get some official sources, I'll leave this open to debate but I think it's a pretty much closed case. Once I get official sources, I'll give it the green tick.

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