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Charles James Hall Was He A Liar?  


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11/07/2019 2:01 am  

I'm reading Millennial Hospitality by Charles James Hall.

He claims he worked as a meteorologist and weather observer in the United States Air Force.

He states that he was put in charge of watching over aliens visiting Earth amongst other things but there are so many parts of Charles' story that don't add up or where the science simply doesn't make sense.

I'm having difficulty believing in this guy, in fact, I'm really struggling with ufology as a whole lately, I believe in ETs and I believe in the UFO phenomena BUT that being said, I am losing faith in all the major cases and don't know now if there are any genuine cases left out there with convincing evidence.

Some issues I have with Charles' story are:

1. I doubt very much that a weather observer would be put in charge of being an ambassador to ETs visiting Earth.

2. Charles states that other weather observers were so afraid of the ETs on base that they wouldn't go to their posts and carry out duties, instead staying in the mess room and making up weather observation reports.

3. Charles claims that the tall whites came from a planet with more gravity than Earth and that when they visited Earth they were weaker due to this and would often fall over. Science as we know it, states that if beings from another planet with more gravity than Earth, came to Earth, they would likely be shorter due to the increase in gravity (not tall) and they'd be stronger (not weaker).

The science just doesn't add up, Charles' story doesn't really add up.

I really want to believe but I'm losing faith.

Any other opinions on this guy?

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