Bob Lazar Debunked

Bob Lazar Debunked  


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07/07/2019 2:07 am  

OK Guys,

I feel like I have to be clear here, I am probably one of Bob's biggest defenders here, I've always believed in what he's had to say and I've been quoted as saying many times:

If I had to put money on one person being truthful with their testimony in the ufology community, it would be Bob Lazar.

I'd even said I'd put my life savings on it. I've had so many arguments defending Bob on Reddit but I have to hold my hands up and admit when I've been wrong.

Let me be clear, I've read dozens and dozens of threads and posts on Reddit of people debating, arguing and fighting over whether or not Lazar is telling the truth, I've read so many posts of people breaking down why he's lying but have NEVER been convinced. There was never a smoking gun and it was all a matter of opinion, in my eyes, why people disbelieved him.

That was until I watched this video:

If you want to get straight into the debunking, skip right to 24:38 in the video and listen from there on out. In summary in the first few seconds Lazar's whole story was shattered providing video evidence he has lied.

It shows the recent Jeremy Corbell documentary and the first few minutes where Corbell and Lazar are messaging each other via text. During this message Lazar is saying the FBI are raiding him, the issue is the dates of the messages show that the FBI were planning on raiding Bob two days BEFORE he had the conversation with Jeremy on his documentary about element 115.

Therefor, there's no way the FBI could possibly know about the element 115 as the conversation had NEVER happened. It proves that Bob lied and was conspiring with Corbell. I have to admit, I was shocked with Lazar but not at Corbell he's a slimey, horrible, egotistical maniac who works with people over at /UFOBelievers on Reddit who's admins and mods have been subjecting me to weeks of harassment, bullying and doxxing, but that's another story.

Honestly, this is just the start of the many inconsistencies that this video outlines, so many lies he proves Bob has told.

I'm gutted, I feel stupid and like an idiot, I feel naive and pathetic now, but I have to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong, it would be so easy for me to hold on to my faith in this man and be in total denial because I want to believe so badly but I have to be sensible or lose all credibility.

The two things that kept me believing in Lazar were these two points:

1. He knew the dates of the test flights and has them on camera
2. He knew about element 115 long before it was 'officially discovered'

The video covers both of these points and why that's not true, in hindsight (which is a wonderful thing) I realise now how much I desperately wanted to believe and gave this guy a free pass.

During the test flights the videos show flickering lights in the video, it literally could be of any plane in the night sky, it doesn't show anything ground breaking or jaw dropping, it is only spectacular when you believe all the other stuff he claims.

The element 115 is easily dismissed, people talked about element 115 long before Lazar did, the video above shows this. 

Again, it's only extraordinary when and if you believe everything else he claims and says, once he's been proven to lie and embellish things just once, the whole house of cards starts to fall and crumble. 

Even as I sit typing this, I want to muster up excuses how I could possibly still be wrong and that this is just my opinion but the evidence is so damning, I can't list it all here as it's late and I need to get to bed but it's all in the video.

Give it a watch, let me know what you think...

Wisdom is knowing how little we truly know.

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08/07/2019 1:25 am  

This comes as no surprise to me.

If you look through my post history, I started a post called, Does Bob Lazar Have Any Element 115.

In that post I stated that I really doubt he has. From what you have posted it's clear he's a liar and a fake, that upsets me too because it really damaged the credibility of ufology as a whole. It's actually really damaging for the community.

I can understand why you're upset.