Stonehenge Summer S...

Stonehenge Summer Solstice  


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25/06/2019 3:31 am  

So Summer Solstice celebrations recently took place at Stonehenge.

I actually visited Stonehenge just over a month ago, it was a long 5+ hour drive but it was worth it, it was gorgeous and breathtaking.

While we were there I was telling my girlfriend that it's such a shame that it's sectioned off and the general public aren't allowed too close to the stones, I would have loved to touch or place my hands upon them.

I was angry that a natural structure that our ancestors built was being controlled by the English heritage and people were not allowed close access to them.

However, this picture was recently released follow the Summer Solstic celebration:

This made me feel sick, you have people attending this beautiful place to celebrate Summer Solstic, presumably, alot of them will be pagans, druids or other nature based spiritualists, yet they treat the place like this.

The little time they do give free unmoderated access to this are and this is what people do.

It breaks my heart and it's no wonder they don't let people get too close the rest of the time. I'm in full support of them sectioning the stones off from the public now, it's clear we can't be trusted to respect these amazing places. 

Would people treat a church or mosque or synagogue like this? 

Sorry, I'm venting because I'm just so angry and upset!

Wisdom is knowing how little we truly know.

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25/06/2019 9:33 am  

Oh wow. Awful human beings. I would too be upset and angry that now the rest of us have been restricted due to certain people that can't behave in a well grounded manor. That picture just looks awful. They should use the bins or put them back where they got it out from. I get so frustrated with people who think it's ok to just liter. This is our planet and we only get one, treat it with care!

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