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Advanced Ancient Humans  


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23/06/2019 4:10 am  

Does anyone here believe that there has been a past ancient civilization?

Along the lines of (but not limited to) Atlantis.

Just look at how technology and innovation works today, when we start to progress, we see a rapid increase in technology and science.

Are we really supposed to believe that over millions and millions of years, humankind developed so slowly and then all of a sudden in the past 100 years there was this rapid growth?

I seriously think there is a possability that humans were a lot more advanced and that there may have been periods in time where we had advanced civilizations and this has been covered up.

I believe that there was probably some time or multiple armageddon events that wiped out those humans and we've started again multiple times.

Anyone else think the same or along these lines?

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27/06/2019 6:26 pm  

I'm not sure, I think you're onto something but I couldn't say for certain.

One thing I do know is that we don't give our ancient ancestors enough credit, they were actually a lot more advanced than we give them credit for.

I read about how archeologists discovered in Egypt evidence that ancient egyptians had been using electricity. They found these tubs with acid in them as if they were being used as some kinf of battery.

I just did a quick Google search, here is just one article talking about it.