They are demons

They are demons  


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10/07/2019 2:31 pm  

I just wanted to share with everyone my experience after coming across uforeport Instagram profile.

They are not what they appear.

Do not be fooled into thinking they are beings from another planet galaxy or solar system.

They are demons in disguise.

The Bible speaks of them time and time again.

I had an abduction experience where I was taken. I was lay in bed when I felt myself being lifted up and being taken.

I seen the typical grey alien looking at me.

I was scared.

I called on the name of Jesus and it stopped instantly.

These beings do not like the name of the Lord.

Try it if you're even having an experience like this. Call out in the name if Jesus.

If they were truly beings from another planet why would they be so afraid of the name of the Lord?

It doesn't make any sense!

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20/07/2019 8:55 pm  

Sorry, I don't buy this it's from one extreme to the other.
They are not demons, if anything it's all man mind and humans behind it, top secret military craft. If it's not that then I think the least likely explanation is demons or fallen angels.