UFO Report was founded in 2018, initially it was started as a UFO Blog and eMagazine; however, a vision soon started of a place where people could come and report UFO sightings, experiences such as abductions, contact, crop circle formations and cattle mutilations etc.

The idea was to have a database that was publicly accessible to all FREE of charge, forever and for always. We believe that information submitted to our website should be free, open and accessible to all.

We strongly believe that any information given to us and any report submitted to us, is done so, so that the evidence can be share far and wide, so that the public can have a wealth of information that prove once and for all that the UFO phenomena is real.

Continuing Our Blog

Despite this change, we wanted to hold true to our roots and continue our blog and eMagazine and to this day, it still remains a valuable part of our website where we post interesting stories, news and information relating to ufology.