May 132011

The Official MOD and Royal Air Force position on UFOs was announced in 2009 when they ceased to run a recording hotline for reporting UFO’s and disbanded (officially) the staff allocated to investigating UFO sightings. The link below takes you to Nick Popes website and a pdf of the official announcement from the MOD and Royal Airforce.

MOD and Royal Air Force position on UFOs

The Royal Airforce still however responds to intrusions to UK airspace which it detects on radar and by other means.  However, recent events in Pakistan with the killing by US Navy Seals of Osama Bin Laden does raise the issue of stealth aircraft threats to the UK.

The US Navy Seals reportedly used a new stealth adapted helicopter which (again reportedly) has radar reflective coatings and sound muffling adaption to at least the rear rota blades. The Helicopters were able to evade the very advanced Pakistan radar and approach the Bin Laden compound undetected.

This begs the question that if the US has this technology then other countries like Russia, China or even Iran may also be developing similar ability.  This is when eagle-eyed members of the public become a valuable defence asset and where an official MOD place to report such events should be provided by the government.

In my opinion , to suggest that since no UFO sightings since WWII have produced evidence of a defence threat to the UK and that no such threat exists is asking for trouble by ignoring the exponential progress of technology.

I am reminded of a pertinent saying on the lines of “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” often quoted and sometimes attributed to the late Carl Sagan when contemplating the existence of extraterrestrials in the universe.  After the war it was assumed that no flying object could evade a comprehensive radar shield but now we know that not to be true.  The MOD position is clearly that if it’s not on their radar then it is no threat. this is obviously sheer folly and is playing Russian Roulette with our safety.



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